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Working out at home is becoming an increasingly popular way for people to stay fit especially during this COVID-19 period. Hence, with the social media attention and promotions all around, many are setting up their home gym and I foresee that the trend will carry-on well beyond this pandemic. 

By A well-equipped home gym should be well-rounded and suit the aspects of recovery, activation and training. This said, you do not necessarily require a large dedicated room space that require weeks of setup and planning. Improving your health, fitness, and well-being right from the comfort of your living space is possible.

To help you begin setting up your own personal workout space, we’ve rounded up a list of great suggestions that may help you in achieving recovery strategies, cardio fitness, resistance training as well as mobility training altogether in a go. . 

Let’s dive in into the 5 best fitness products that you should invest at home

  1. Mobility and recovery tools (www.hyperice.my)

The Hypervolt Plus (the percussion device) and vibration roller Vyper 2.0 from Hyperice company.

The Hypervolt Plus is a power packed wireless vibration device that channels up to 3200 percussion per minute from 3 different speed settings. This makes the Hypervolt Plus #workfromhome approved!

By utilizing the Vyper 2.0, this vibration roller is set to loosen tight muscles like the calves, thighs, hips and middle back effectively distinctive height and body material. 

If you find yourself #WFH like us, developing healthy habits is critical in bringing out the best in you. A home workstation, or personal a gym combined with moments of movement and recovery can help take your productivity to new heights. Recovery and activate with Hypervolt Plus and Vyper 2.0 from hyperice.my

2. Resistance band 

Sanctband resistive band series are great when it comes to activation work or even just a light workout to rejuvenate some tissue work and blood flow. Plus, it is an easy-to-go latex products which live up to its durability without the need to re-powder while in use!

Mini Loop (3 in 1)
The mini loop is a great tool to work the hips and also the shoulder girdles. As most of the time, we are seated in front of the computer to catch up with the news of Covid 19 or lying on the bed scrolling through Lazada, the hip and the shoulders do not get much love from the lack of movements. With some exercises, you are able to improve posture and minimise discomfort in the long run.

Tubing with Handles
Simplicity of equipment allows the Tubing with Handles to mimic the cable equipment. With the rubber “cable” and the grip handles, you are able to anchor this product to get a chest pump or a back hit without sweat! This handy latex band comes with different resistance which are able to challenge your push and pull threshold. Workout checked!

The Superloop is a great too for various functions! With the long loop band, it is perfect for the assistance in performing stretches especially for the tight hamstrings. Versatility of Superloop can work on your flexibility which can be a plus point for pilates and yoga poses. Other than that, it also provides assistance for workouts such as a “supporter” for pull ups, and also a “motivator” for deadlifts.

There are ways to help you in fulfilling the importance of tissue flexibility and also training with this rubber products! E-books are included too at shop.pfc.my 

3. YBell
The YBell is more than meets the eye. With a sleek looking triangle tool that consists of multiple handles, this tool is designed to mimic the exercises for the dumbbell, kettlebell, medicine ball and push up stand. Exercises are endless with just utilizing 1 YBell, thus with 2 YBells, you are able to create much more variation of exercises that can achieve muscle building, cardio and even core focused workouts! 

Hence, with the various sizes and weights of the Y Bell, it is a non-headache matter in terms of storing. Y Bells are able to stacked in a stable and safe manner unlike assembling the dumbbell racks or worrying about medicine ball rolling off the stairs. 

Note that, there are challenges available as well with the Y Bell programming.

4. Ultimate Sandbag
Sandbag is perfect for functional training as it challenges the body and the system to stabilize during exercises movements. With the different weights and sizes, the Ultimate Sandbag can be used for pulling or dragging exercises like Plank to Alternate Sandbag Drag or even up “cleaning” the sandbag for explosive training! 

Working with the sandbag allows the body to experiment in different planes of motions as the sandbag can be utilized and gripped differently with its various handles on the ends of sides, around the body and even carrying a baby, which obviously safer than hoisting a your own baby.

5. Probar Mobility
The uniqueness of this tool is the characteristic of “distraction”. And yes, this tool is “breakable”. As the Probar is pulled apart, more muscles are being engaged in order to facilitate movements. Say bye bye to hunch backs and arch backs as you practice mobility drills or dynamic stretches on your own or even with us! Soon, say hello and welcome new range of motion and muscle flexibility as you transform traditional stretches with the ProBar. Think about it, a hip flexor stretch with a ProBar or even a shoulder opener with the ProBar. It feels insanely great with “distraction”!

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