Breathing Mechanics For Humans


Breathing Mechanics For Humans

Before you start reading, check on your breathing pattern, take a deep breath. Does your chest rise up or does your belly expand like a balloon?

Breathing is more connected to movement than we think. In the corrective strategy in FMS, we emphasise a lot on breathing. Breathing is probably the simplest and yet most complex thing we do. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “breath through your belly” before, belly breathing can be done by lying on the floor with your leg resting on the chair to ease the lower back, you should expand your stomach as if it’s a balloon.

Crocodile breathing is another way to reteach the breathing mechanics as it gives a different feedback where the belly needs to expand to push against the floor, and lift the lower back. The crocodile breathing during inhaling causes a 360 degree expansion of the trunk. During inhalation the diaphragm drops inferiorly, allowing the lungs to fill itself with air expanding the rib cage outwards and upwards. What can be seen is the lateral movement of the trunk like the crocodile. We are usually good at breathing down to our bellies and expanding in the front but often times we lack posterior and lateral expansion. Therefore, work on getting your breath in those areas.

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