Youth Exercise Specialist (YES)

Youth Exercise Specialist (YES)

Youth Exercise Specialist (YES)

Target audiences

  • Personal Trainers
  • Fitness Coaches
  • Nutrition Coaches
  • Health & Fitness Professionals
  • Sports & Fitness Enthusiasts
What You’ll Learn

In the United States, the number of teenagers affected by obesity has nearly tripled since the 1970s. From lack of exercise to lack of motivation, online gaming to minimal school resources, there are several reasons why today’s youth has fallen behind the curve when it comes to staying active.

That’s why we’ve created a specialization for trainers who want to help reverse the problems facing today’s youth and face their challenges head-on. Through hands-on exercises and expert programming, you’ll understand how to help keep kids motivated and engaged in sports, weightlifting, running, and more.

With this fully digital program, you’ll learn about exercise variables and modifications for nutritional needs, cardiorespiratory, core, balance, plyometrics, and resistance training all geared towards younger populations. Plus, get everything you need to know about fitness assessments, psychological considerations, and how to grow your business by working with today’s youth.

Course curriculum :

Prerequisites : There are no prerequisites for this course. Although the course is primarily intended for personal trainers, fitness coaches, nutrition coaches and other fitness/health professionals, there is no requirement that you be one to take the course.

Section 1: The Science of Youth Exercise

Chapter 1: Rationale for Youth Fitness Training
This chapter will provide a better understanding of the different terms that identify the youth population, the difference between overweight and obesity, and be able to describe why so many youths are overweight.

Chapter 2: Anatomical and Physiological Considerations for Youth
Understand the key physiological differences between children, adolescents, and adults.

Chapter 3: Psychological Considerations for Youth
Self-perceptions and self-belief help the youth be successful in a fitness program. Provide young clients with tools and strategies to help better adapt activities and habits in pursuance of a fitness goals.

Section 2: Fitness & Training Guidelines for Youth

Chapter 4: Fitness Assessment for Youth
Be able to recognize the expectations for health and fitness professionals. Understand the special considerations for test administration in youth.

Chapter 5: Youth Flexibility Guidelines
Understand and provide general exercise guidelines and various flexibility options for youth.

Chapter 6: Cardiorespiratory Training for Youth
Understand and develop general cardiorespiratory training guidelines and programs for youth.

Chapter 7: Core and Balance Training Guidelines for Youth
Determine the appropriate core and balance exercise programs that are safe, effective, and fun for youth based on the OPT™ model.

Chapter 8: Plyometric, Speed, Agility, and Quickness Training for Youth
Understand the importance of plyometric and speed, agility, and quickness training (SAQ) for youth. Determine appropriate exercises to incorporate into a youth programs based on the OPT™ model.

Chapter 9: Resistance Training for Youth
Design and implement a safe, effective, and progressive resistance training program for youth, as well as eliminate myths about the safety of youth engaging in resistance training.

Section 3: Development for Youth Clients

Chapter 10: Integrated Program Design for Youth Clients
Be able to define cardiorespiratory stage training, the principles behind each stage, and how each stage fits into the OPT™ model.

Chapter 11: Nutrition for Youth
Recognize the current trends of youth eating habits while understanding the effects of obesity on their population. Understand nutrition recommendations and basic fluid intake guidelines for youth.

Chapter 12: Professional Development
Understand the legal and ethical responsibilities related to a health and fitness professional working with youth.

Final Exam

After the completion of the course, you will take an online final exam from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you prefer to take tests. The exam has 60 questions with a time limit of 90 minutes. To pass, you need a score of 70% or higher. Don’t fret though, if you score below that, you have up to 3 attempts to pass.

Program Includes :

✔ Downloadable Course Manual

✔ Downloadable Programming Manual

✔ Online Quizzes

✔ Exercise Library

✔ Online Exam (3 attempts to be completed within 365 days)

Why Choose NASM

For more than 30 years, NASM has been at the forefront of fitness training. With our forward-thinking programming and well-rounded approach to fitness, we believe that everyone can benefit from practical exercise guidance and support, including kids and young adults of all ages.

With our Youth Exercise Specialization (NASM-YES), you’ll help a whole generation of future fitness lovers who just need to get out of the house and get moving. Tap into unmatched resources, like expert videos, digital textbooks, and more, to understand the challenge today’s youths face regarding exercise and nutrition.

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The course content and exam is available for 365 days once your online account is activated.
The final exam is administered online within your student portal. It consists of 60 multiple-choice questions and 90 minutes for completion. You will have 3 attempts to pass the exam.
Once you pass your final exam, your NASM-YES certificate never expires.
While a Personal Training Certification is suggested, it is not required to take the NASM-YES exam.
The NASM Youth Exercise Specialisation (NASM-YES) is worth 1.0 NASM CEU.

Price RM999.00
Instructor PFC Academy
Duration 12 weeks
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