Functional Movement Screen (FMS) & Fundamental Capacity Screen (FCS)


Your clients and athletes trust you to improve their overall health and performance. Understanding fundamental movement principles is essential for effectively and efficiently designing a path for success. Your journey through our system starts with the Movement Experience and FMS Level 1 where you will optimize your understanding of movement and how setting a baseline can positively impact it. That baseline tool is the Functional Movement Screen and helps you pinpoint where an individual’s greatest training opportunity lies.

After gaining a proficient understanding of movement and how to gauge a person’s movement ability, you are ready for where the real magic happens: how to train with purpose and precision in FMS Level 2. Learn how to make actionable steps toward enhanced movement by uncovering the hidden potential that your clients and athletes have yet to discover due to underlying movement limitations.

Once acceptable range of movement competency is met, it is time to progress clients to higher-level capacity testing — the Fundamental Capacity Screen (FCS).

FMS 1 & 2 Virtual Certification

Learn how to administer the Screen and correct movement based on the results during the FMS 1 & 2 Virtual Certification Combo on November 6-7.
Taught by FMS Co-founder, Dr. Lee Burton, and the FMS Lead Instructor, Eric D’Agati.

FMS 1 Online

The FMS Level 1 Online Course provides an introduction to movement principles and how they can assist in the training process. The focus of this course is to provide an overview of the Functional Movement Screen and how to administer it. The Functional Movement Screen is a rating and ranking system that captures mobility and motor control in seven fundamental movement patterns. During this course you will learn how to accurately perform and score the screen.

The core focus of the Functional Movement Screen is to set a movement baseline in order to assist in your ability to create more effective training and programming decisions. This screening tool and approach has been effectively utilized in a variety of training settings from traditional fitness to elite professional sports.

For a more comprehensive and practical introduction into the Functional Movement Screen, FMS recommends the Movement Experience, a two day live seminar that outlines the importance of mastering movement quality before transitioning into movement competency.

What’s Included

One year of access to the FMS Level 1 Online course.* This course includes access to over 100 minutes of video content and a downloadable manual. The 4 Units included in this course are as follows:

Unit 1: History of the Screen and Understanding Why

Unit 2: Overview, Set-up and Scoring of the 7 Tests

Unit 3: FMS Scoring Report and using the Light System

Unit 4: How results impact programming and corrective exercise strategies

Appendix 1: Introduction to the Motor Control Screen (MCS)

Appendix 2: Modified FMS

Languages: Taught in English and subtitled in Korean, Chinese and Spanish.

Once you have viewed and studied the online material, you will be prepared to take the FMS Certification Exam ( included in the course and available online). Upon passing the exam, you will earn one complimentary year of FMS Certified Membership. FMS membership unlocks the entire FMS website including:

  • FMS Pro exercise library
  • Articles,
  • Podcasts,
  • Listing on the Certified Member Map,
  • Networking opportunities with exercise professionals who share the same principles as you.

After purchasing the FMS Level 1 Online Course, you will receive an email outlining how to access your course.

*After certification, professionals who maintain their membership will continue to have access to this course.

FMS 2 Online - Corrective Strategies

After performing a Functional Movement Screen many professionals want to know what the best next step is to help their clients. In this course, Eric D’Agati gives a presentation that walks you through how to take advantage of the opportunities that the FMS reveals. He shares the FMS corrective strategies that have been used and proven successful by leading professionals as they apply the FMS system to clients and athletes. He does this by sharing real world scenarios and walking you through examples of the exercises that were used to provide results on the training floor. Each practical example serves as a guide that will expand even further as you apply this experience to the resources available to members of

Please note – The FMS 2 Online – Corrective Strategies course does not include certification but will provide you with the knowledge that guides our systematic corrective exercise approach to improving movement patterns.


  • Understand how the FMS System is applied.
  • Learn how the Movement Principles guide your decisions.
  • Describe the corrective strategies that leading fitness professionals use.
  • Analyze real scenarios while interpreting FMS scoring results.
  • Apply corrective strategies for each movement pattern and the exercises that yield results.

What’s Included

One year of access to FMS 2 Online – Corrective Strategies.* This course includes access to 40 minutes of video content and a downloadable manual. The 11 Chapters included in this course are as follows:

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Case Study 1
Chapter 3: Foundational Principles for Exercise Programming
Chapter 4: Applying Movement Concepts to Exercise
Chapter 5: Movement Score Interpretation
Chapter 6: Corrective Exercise Essentials
Chapter 7: Mobility Concepts
Chapter 8: Motor Control Concepts
Chapter 9: Case Study 2
Chapter 10: Re-Testing Considerations
Chapter 11: Closing

After purchasing the FMS 2 Online – Corrective Strategies course, you will receive an email outlining how to access your course within your account.

*You will have access to this course for one year after purchase. If you are a certified active member, access will continue as long as your membership remains valid.

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