NASM Recertification


To continue with the career you love, it’s a requirement to recertify Every Two Years. Have questions?​ Email us at [email protected]

NASM certified personal trainer recertification

Your recertification will keep you in top form.

How to recertify?

The NASM Certified Personal Trainer certification must be recertified every two years in order to ensure that NASM-CPTs stay up-to-date with current best-practice guidelines and skills. To recertify, you will be required to earn 2.0 NASM-approved CEUs every two year certification period. This includes 0.1 CEUs from the mandatory CPR/AED certification.

How much is the recertification fee?

To recertify for 2 years, it is RM650. To recertify for life, it is RM1650.

Prices exclude 6% SST – local sales and service tax.


As an NASM-CPT, you are required to maintain your current CPR and AED certifications (0.1 CEUs), as well as earn 1.9 CEUs (continuing education units). These CEUs will ensure you’re current with best-practice guidelines, plus they will expand your knowledge, skills and abilities in these key areas : 


ONE PAYMENT. ONE TIME. RECERTIFY FOR LIFE. Are you tired of renewal fees? How does one fee, one-time sound? Avoid the hassle and Recertify for Life with NASM. We think you should focus your attention on training your clients and expanding your knowledge with the most up-to-date and respected education in the industry.
*Every 2 years, NASM-CPTs are required to show proof of 2.0 CEUs, current CPR/AED and contact PFC Academy for recertification application.


CEU is an acronym for Continuing Education Unit. CEUs are based upon contact hours. Contact hours are defined by the number of clock hours spent in direct participation in a structured educational format. One (1) contact hour is equivalent to point-one (0.1) CEU.

The NASM-CPT credential will expire if all recertification requirements have not been met by the certification expiration date. Recertification applications will be accepted if all continuing education courses have been completed within 90 days (grace period) of the certification expiration date. A late fee RM299 (exclusive of 6% SST) is charged for applications received up to 90 days post expiration. After the 90 days, you will not be able to renew your credential.

To locate NASM-approved CEUs, click here. If you’re unsure, contact us.

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NASM Certified Nutrition Coach Recertification

Renew your commitment to a career you love.

NASM Nutrition Certification Renewal Exam.

How to recertify?

Purchase the CNC Renewal Exam from PFC Academy. Access & complete the CNC Renewal Exam through your NASM portal, login via nasm.org . You’ll have three attempts and 365 days to pass the renewal exam. With successful completion, your NASM-CNC will be recertified for another two years. 

How much is the renewal exam?

The CNC renewal exam costs RM680. If you’ve purchased “Renew for Life”, there will be no fee payable for CNC recertification. You will just need to sit for the renewal exam every 2 years. Late charges will be applied for NASM members within 90 day grace period.

How early can I sit for the renewal exam?

Your CNC credential will expire if you do not complete the renewal process. The CNC Renewal Exam can be completed as early as 3 months prior to your credential expiration. Renewal exams purchased after expiration require an additional fee (late fee).