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As a fitness professional, there are two things clients usually come to you for – to look and feel better. With the fully updated and improved NASM Weight Loss Specialist (NASM-WLS), you can help them accomplish just that and so much more!

Thanks to our immersive online experience, you’ll learn evidence-based nutrition, exercise, and behavioral change strategies that will help clients lose weight and keep it off.

By designing weight loss exercise programs that leverage the most up-to-date weight-loss guidelines and methodologies, you’ll help make it easier for clients to integrate effective exercise into their daily routine.

Unlike other methods, the new NASM-WLS teaches a systematic approach to leading a healthier lifestyle that results in weight loss. This process takes into consideration the real-world obstacles clients face and provides them with the skills necessary to overcome them.

With over 30 downloadable forms and templates you can use with clients, 19 educational videos, sample workouts, custom infographics and more, you’ll have all the tools at your disposal to quickly start addressing clients’ habits and teaching them proper behavior change from day 1.

Don’t wait. Start helping clients reach their health goals and lose weight in the process today!

Price in MYR (exclusive 6% SST – RM3600)

Price in SGD (SGD1200)

Course overview:

✔ Section 1: Becoming a Weight Loss Specialist

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Scope of Practice

✔ Section 2: The Obesity Epidemic

Chapter 3: The State of Obesity
Chapter 4: The Physiology of Obesity
Chapter 5: Psychosocial and Obesity

✔ Section 3: The Science of Weight Loss

Chapter 6: Metabolism
Chapter 7: Nutrition and Supplementation
Chapter 8: The Impact of Exercise on Weight Loss
Chapter 9: Psychology of Weight Loss

✔ Section 4: Client Assessments

Chapter 10: Client-intake Process
Chapter 11: Conducting Fitness Assessments

✔ Section 5: The Weight Loss Coaching Process

Chapter 12: Nutrition Coaching Strategies for Weight Loss
Chapter 13: Fitness Coaching Strategies for Weight Loss
Chapter 14: Integrating Nutrition and Fitness with the Weight Loss Client
Chapter 15: Weight Maintenance and Sustainability

Program includes :

✔ 15 In-Depth Chapters and Corresponding Chapter Quizzes

✔ Four Client Personal Journeys to Serve as Case Studies

  • Steve – 30s; BMI 40-42; Understands exercise but not nutrition
  • Angela – 40s; BMI 31; Doesn’t exercise; has tried various diets in the past
  • Jose – 40s; BMI 52; No history with exercising; Hypertension and pre-diabetes
  • Vanessa – 40s; BMI 28; Not consistent with exercise; travels a lot for work; needs help with habits surrounding food intake

✔ 13 Course Videos

  • Introduction to WLS
  • Persona Introductions
  • Scope: Coaching vs. Counseling
  • The Growing Importance for WLS
  • Psychosocial Effects on Obesity
  • Popular Diets for the WLS
  • Physical Activities that Promote Weight Loss
  • 5 Factors to Weight Loss Success
  • Nutrition Intervention Strategies
  • The 5 A’s of Coaching Framework
  • Factors that Impact Weight Maintenance and Sustainability

✔ 4 Complete Coaching Process Videos with Workout Demonstrations for personas

  • Treats weight loss, not as the problem to overcome, but instead, the behavioral strategies required working an array of different weight loss clients

✔ 2 Animation Videos

  • The Physiology of Obesity
  • Metabolism

✔ 30+ Downloads and Templates That Can Be Used Directly with Weight Loss Client

✔ Up to 15 Custom Graphics and Infographics per Chapter

✔ High-End, Easy-to-Use Digital Course Portal; Access on all Devices


Customer Reviews (19)

“The Weight Loss Specialist course was extremely thorough. The layout and delivery of the material was easy enough for the average individual with no health and/or fitness background to understand. I really appreciate the various approaches to deal with clients who have comorbidities as the suggestions are very gentle and non-threatening. I feel much better equipped to deal with that population of individuals as my niche was typically middle-aged women and the youth. I highly recommend this course!”– Dee-Dee D, FL

“Excellent Course! I learned a lot about how to design workout routines as well as modify exercises to accommodate for clients focusing on extreme weight loss. This course has given me a new understanding of working with weight loss clients and I can be a better trainer for these clients now. I’m excited to implement what I’ve learned from this course in my training sessions.”– Shelby L, CO

“The NASM Weight Management Specialist program was excellent! I enjoyed the online process very much because I was able to progress at my own pace in my own time in a methodical way.”– Tony L, PA

“Very good! Short and fact based!”– Kenneth Q, NC

“I just finished the NASM-WLS course, and as a result I feel much more confident and comfortable consulting and assessing the general population as a whole. As a new trainer the knowledge I attained in this course is priceless. Thanks NASM!”– Amber D, CA

“Straight to the point and very informational. I loved the instructional video and additional links. I thought it was very helpful.”– Lexis L, NV

“I began the NASM WLS program already having good knowledge on how to work with clients with weight loss goals. However, because the information in the course was presented so clearly, I was able to increase my knowledge and confidence in helping my clients. Great course, I would recommend to anybody who wants to improve their ability to reach clients with weight loss goals!”– Dean M, TX

“This course is fast paced and learn at your own pace and a very great easy helpful course.”– Nancy G, AL

“This is a great step to learn about weight loss and helping clients to push for a healthier lifestyle.”– Tyler R, IA

“A very enjoyable NASM specialization ,WLS gives you, all the fundamentals, you need to learn and know, when you have a client,that, desires to lose weight, learn to respect his body and daily nutrition habits!! This course, is easy to understand the OPT model standards and affordable in practice for the CPT!! You can put in real terms, theory into practice, and have valuable results!!”– Demis L, Greece

“The WLS course was very interesting and eye opening to the subject. The modules where split very well into sections. The narrated presentations were also very helpful for studying.”– Kiernan A

“I enjoyed the course and found it very helpful in increasing my confidence in working with people with more extreme weight loss goals. I would recommend it if you are looking for effective, evidence based strategies for achieving and maintaining weight loss.”– Sophie B, UK

“The WLS course was incredibly engaging. I actually couldn’t put it down. There’s a lot of specific content not covered in the CPT textbooks such as routine programming, nutrition calculations, and all the possible scenarios for obstacles are covered. It is thorough in regards to the general public and fat loss strategies. It could be a bit more sport specific at times, but then the facts remain the same- it’s energy in vs. energy out.– Tom, CT

“This course was extremely helpful to me and my business. It reminded me of the simple things we may forgot as trainers and proper protocol!”– Ashley W, TX

“Great information and tools to help me personally and to help me assist potential clients.”– W.H., VA

“The NASM Weight Loss Specialist program was exactly what I needed to become a better educated and more well-rounded personal trainer. Now I feel more knowledgeable and confident in my abilities to help a client experience success on their personal weight loss journey.”– Kent F, TX

“I really loved this course and I highly recommend it for others.”– K West, IL

“The course was very challenging but highly satisfying. I’m implementing the material learnt for myself while taking the course and have seen significant changes and results in my food choices and weight loss !”– Carlos A, IL

“Excellent course. You’ll gain something from this whether you’re new to the personal training realm or are taking this as a refresher. Great work again, NASM!”– Tom D, OH

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