AFAA Group Fitness Certification

Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) Group Fitness Certification

What is AFAA Group Fitness Certification?

AFFA stands for the Athletics and Fitness Association of America is a forward leading force in movement-based health and fitness journeys.

For over 35 years, this course has been more than just a body-changing platform for consumers and athletes because this certification can now advance the lives of instructors in their guidance and professionalism of their own fitness undertakings.

AFAA instructors are recognized globally by conducting superior learning experience at an unbeatable price. Pursue your passion and expertise for Group Fitness Instructor, and simultaneously help others with their respective fitness goals.

Not only will AFAA’s new course provide for all of the necessary entry-level skills to become an in-demand instructor, it will inform you about format-specific classes and help you navigate various career paths within the fitness industry. The course provides real-life application to specific exercise formats, examples of cueing, communication, and instruction, and comprehensive exercise technique videos.

AFAA Group Fitness Instructor Certification Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate comprehension of fundamental scientific concepts related to exercise science

  • Design a well structured and balanced fitness class or workout for a diverse group of participants that is both safe and effective
  • Demonstrate comprehension of key instruction and presentation skills necessary for effective group instruction
  • Demonstrate key traits of professionalism as a group fitness instructor

  • Demonstrate the key skills and knowledge required to be a competent group fitness instructor

2-Day Live Workshop Learning Objectives

  • The group fitness industry
  • The Human Movement System
  • Teaching Basics
  • Class Planning and Preparation
  • Communication and Learning
  • Class Engagement and Motivation
  • Foundations of Exercise Science
  • Integrated Fitness
  • Teaching: Multi-training and Exercise Technique
  • Adapting to Class Dynamics
  • Inclusive Instruction for Special Populations
  • Professional and Legal Responsibilities

Workshop Fees

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The Athletics and Fitness Association of America™ (AFAA) Group Fitness Instructor (GFI) is an international certification that provides foundational and practical knowledge for a successful GFI career.

AFAA, the global leader in health and fitness released the first standardized guidelines for fitness professionals in 1983. With over 350,000 certified instructors worldwide, AFAA is internationally recognized in 73 countries. Your decision to join the AFAA Team will change your life and the lives of others in many meaningful ways.

Early registration, self-study and group exercise experience is highly recommended. CPR/AED Certification is required before certificate is issued.

The AFAA Group Fitness Instructor (GFI) workshop is a combination of both theoretical knowledge (anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and biomechanics) and practical application. The workshop includes a variety of practical drills and group exercise activities related to cardiorespiratory, strength and resistance, flexibility and mind-body training.

The AFAA GFI Certification is internationally recognized and introduces the Basic Exercise Standards and Guidelines (BESGs), which is the foundation for all group exercise class formats. Becoming a member of an international team will give you the confidence needed to be a successful fitness professional and role model in the industry.

Although this course is geared toward group exercise instruction, Personal Trainers who are interested in small group training and/or crossing over to group exercise instruction would benefit by taking this course.

The AFAA Group Fitness Instructor Certification is internationally recognized, and includes the latest research and guidelines pertaining to Group Fitness Instruction.

To become AFAA Certified GFI , registrants are required to successfully pass an online written exam.

Attendees will receive a certification upon successful completion of the exam.

In order to maintain your certification, 15 CECs are required every 2-years, in addition to current CPR/AED certification. Please refer to the AFAA Recertification Application form for more details.

AFAA recommends using a Windows based laptop or desktop as the AFAA Student Portal requires Adobe Flash. Flash does not come pre-installed on any Apple device. The iStore has applications available to enable Flash content. Additionally, Safari web browser is not compatible with the AFAA online courses.

AFAA offers a 90-day grace period beyond your GFI Certificate expiration date to earn CEUs with a late fee payment. If CEUs have been completed within 90-days of expiration, you have one-year to submit your paperwork for recertification. Failure to complete the required CEUs within this 2 year + grace period timeframe will require re-enrollment.

No, as AFAA does not release exam scores.

There will be downloadable materials within the course and also available on the website.

Proof of any online AFAA course completion can be printed from the AFAA Student Portal under the Certificates tab.

There are 120 test questions, in which 20 are research questions and do not count toward or against the final score. There is a 2-hour time limit and you must pass with a scaled score of 70 or better

Remark: All online material can only be accessed using desktop or laptop computer. iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone or Android devices are not supported.

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