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"Had so much fun during the CPT course which blows my mind in terms of what I know about weight training. It's absolutely worth the money if you are looking to be a certified PT."
Wilson Cheang
It was an overall great experience to attend the 3-day workshop for NASM-CPT with the whole PFC crew. Jeremy, Jayna Kertshing and Alex were all so patient, kind and helpful. They guided us through every step, explaining and re-explaining the different concepts that were taught in the course. Felt like I’ve known them for years! Thanks for the warm welcome and all the support for kickstarting our PT journey!
"I was referred by a friend to enrol in the NASM-CPT course by PFC. Over the past three days, I've learnt that fitness is more than what you see in the gym, learning fundamentals, effective coaching and cueing skills are all important. Thank you, Team PFC!"
Headshot of Vanessa.
Vanessa Choo

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About Us

PFC Studio specializes in four quarters of fitness masteries namely:

  • PFC Studio provides Fitness Education for achievers that wants to elevate credibility in the fitness industry especially through NASM and AFAA.
  • Team PFC conducts Personal Training which systematically tailors to clients’ respective goals and visions.
  • PFC trainers also focus on Post – Rehabilitation Training for clients who are working off an injury or in seek for mobility and flexibility restorations.
  • We also specialize in Golf and Sports Performance Training helping athletes in areas of conditioning and movement related carry overs.